Alternative Engagement Rings

Alternative Engagement Rings
Alternative Engagement Rings

Last week I was chatting with a friend and the topic of engagement rings came up. No surprise there most of my conversations always end up revolving around weddings in some shape or form :-). But in this case we were discussing how much trends have changed in the last number of years and how refreshing it is to see couples moving away from the traditional diamond and puttting their own unique stamp on their engagement ring.

Of course one designer immediately came to the forefront and that was Chupi. I whole heartedly believe that she is the queen of the alternative engagement ring. Her entire jewellery collection is exquisite but the engagement rings – it’s almost like each one has it’s own little bit of magic hidden inside. Not just an engagement ring but an heirloom!

“Precious jewellery is like nothing else in the whole world, it marks a moment and holds a magical story.” – Chupi

I’ve compiled a few of my all time favourites from Chupi but I’d love to know when it comes to your engagement ring which would you choose? Are you a classic style or looking for something a bit different?

Love & Sparkles,

Louise x

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