Postponing Your Wedding Date

Postponing Your Wedding Date

Postponing Your Wedding Date

There can be many reasons for having to postpone your wedding date such as health or family obligations. However, in the current climate it may be the new Covid19 restrictions that has you considering rescheduling.

Whatever your reason may be todays blog will equip you with the steps you need to follow for a stress free solution to postponing your wedding date.


Sit with your partner and decide on approximately three new alternative dates. Depending on your circumstances it might feel like a bit of a guessing game as to when you will be able to reschedule which is why having three options can give you more flexibility when chatting to your suppliers.


Each of your suppliers should have supplied you with a contract when you booked initially. Examine the fine print to see if you may be charged a penalty or surcharge for postponing your date. Or in the event of them not being available for your new date you may not be entitled to a refund on your deposit. Each contract is different so don’t assume when one supplier may not have any penalties that another wont.


Once you have decided on some alternative dates and checked through your contracts it’s time to start contacting your suppliers.

First port of call is your venue and celebrant as without these two no other part can fall into place. Discuss if they can provisionally hold your new dates while you check with the remainder of your suppliers


Contact your suppliers asap to inform them of the postponement and discuss the alternative dates you have selected. Confirm if there will be any additional fees etc before moving your date

Remember not all your suppliers may be available for your new dates so it can come down to what suppliers you really want to have on the day and working with their schedules.


Even before you have a new date set inform your guests that the wedding is being postponed from the original date and you will update them as soon as you have a new date. They will need to cancel their arrangements such as travel, accommodation etc.

Wedding websites are a fantastic tool for keeping guests informed of updates etc. There is a step by step video on my Instagram Page on how you can set up your own free wedding website.

There you have it a step by step guide to assist you in postponing your wedding date but if you’re still a little unsure why not book in for a Free Virtual Wedding Consultation? Each consultation is 30 minutes and can be conducted through Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime at a time that suits you best.

Love & Sparkles,

Louise x

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