Wedding Planning | Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Wedding PLanning Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Wedding Planning | Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Behind every wedding day is a team of top wedding suppliers, your wedding team, all pulling together to create your perfect day. So, how do you start the process of choosing your wedding suppliers?

Prioritise Your Non-Negotiables

This stems back to setting your budget. Decide what’s most important to you both, narrow it down to your top three and allocate your budget accordingly.


Your venue can usually provide you with a list of their recommended suppliers. If you have already booked a particular supplier ask if they can recommend somebody they have worked with before. Alternatively ask friends and family if they have any recommendations.

Get Social

Social media, wedding blogs and wedding fairs are fantastic resources when trying to source a supplier. Once you’ve come across suppliers who fit with your vision arrange meetings with two or three of each type. It may seem daunting but it will help with costs comparisons and also seeing if your personalities match.

Stick To Your Theme

Try to choose suppliers who already specialise or use your style of wedding theme. For example if you’re hoping to create a wildflower theme with your flowers don’t hire someone who’s portfolio is filled with a more traditional bouquet style.

Too Good To Be True

If it sounds too good to be true more often than not it is. Pay particular attention to what you may be getting from the particular supplier and weigh up the pros and cons compared to a competitor’s price.


Always ask for testimonials from past couples or check them out on online wedding forums

Get It In Writing

Don’t assume just because you have made an enquiry with a particular supplier that your date is now booked. Everything that you discuss should be put in writing (contract) and signed by all parties along with a booking fee or deposit to confirm your booking.


These are just a few key steps to help you get started but should you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch.  Don’t forget to check out my wedding directory for a full list of wedding suppliers who are ready & willing to be a part of your wedding team!

Love ‘n Sparkles,

Louise x

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